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Rave Reviews for Ed Jacobson

“Ed Jacobson is a master at what he does. As an executive coach, his ability to listen, hear what’s needed, and guide the individual toward their own best decisions is remarkable. As a keynote speaker and workshop leader, he is both thoughtful and engaging, providing gentle but powerful direction for the audience and/or session participants. As someone who carries the torch for ‘appreciative listening’ you would expect a high level of clarity and articulation. But Ed has finely honed these skills and is a cut above the average communicator / consultant / coach.”

Marie Swift, President and CEO, Impact Communications, Inc.

Ed Jacobson is ‘the real deal’.  He is an amazing man…a complete package of wisdom, wit, and warmth.  Ed not only “talks the talk” but he “walks the walk."

Richard S. Kahler, MS, CFP®, ChFC, CCIM, Kahler Financial Group

“I’ve been extraordinarily touched by Ed in three separate day-long workshops on Appreciative Inquiry and financial planning. Each time I have received new and deeper insights, better understandings, and unique tools to help me in both my professional practice and my personal life. Ed’s wit, his facile ability to think on his feet, and his genuine receptivity to participant input toward co-creating a meaningful time together have made these workshops a joy to attend. I was so impressed that I hired Ed as a personal coach, and have continued to benefit from his wisdom and guidance.”

Daniel H. Boyce, CFP®, Partner, Center for Financial Planning, Inc. www.centerfinplan.com

“I had the great pleasure to first hear Ed at a conference, where his message resonated deeply with me.  I then attended a Retreat, where he played an integral role in leading, provoking-thought and conversations, and stretching everyone’s comfort zone.  It then became apparent that he was to be my ‘guide’ during the next part of my journey; I’ve been working with Ed as my business coach since 2006; his work has had a significant impact on me, my practice and more importantly, my clients.  The relationships built with clients are deeper, richer and more meaningful since our work began.” 

Michael Kay, CFP®, Owner, Financial Focus, LLC


“I consider it a blessing to work with Ed.  It’s rare to experience such sensitivity, insight, discernment, and wit all wrapped up in one person – a cross between Carl Jung and Will Rogers.  His training and coaching in the area of life planning and Appreciative Inquiry have had a major influence on how my client relationships have developed and deepened to provide us with a competitive edge.”

Reed C. Fraasa, CFP®, Highland Financial Advisors, LLC, www.Highlandplanning.com


"I've participated in a variety of group learning experiences that Ed has facilitated, over the last five years. He is completely professional, learner focused, and heart centered. I've learned much from Ed, and recommend him highly!"

John Nelson, author of What Color is Your Parachute for Retirement?



“I’ve attended many of Ed’s presentations and workshops, and have come to rely on the intelligence, practicality, wisdom, and wit that are woven throughout all of them.  He leads us into positive and compelling places.  His appreciative and penetrating questions give rise to answers that remind us of the splendor of our lives.”
Mary Zimmerman, CFP®, RLP™, Owner, PATH Financial Strategies, LLC    

“Don't be fooled by the seeming simplicity of what Ed has to teach and his own unassuming attitude.  Both are signs of the highest level of mastery one can attain - Ed has a rare and most precious ability to impact you deeply without you even noticing anything in particular has happened. The following quote from Tao Te Ching comes to mind:
‘...The Master doesn't talk, he acts.
When his work is done,
the people say, "Amazing:
we did it, all by ourselves!’”
Oleg Gorelik, CFP®, Owner 

"I first met Ed at  the Nazrudin Retreat back in 2004 and since, in the many occasions I have been mentored by him, have never ceased to wonder at his effortless grace in bringing out the best in people by focusing on appreciating the best of themselves. Sort of like that old song, "Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative and don't mess with Mr. In Between" playing out in real life with real people. His Appreciative Inquiry process somehow takes people where, deep down, they really -sometimes secretly - want to go, and yet it feels so good getting there! Working with Ed always makes me feel better about my world and what I do in helping my clients with the process of realizing their dreams."
Sam Hull, CFP®, Principal, Northstar Financial Planning, Inc.www.northstarfp.com                

"Ed's background, experience and expertise combine to offer a unique 'eye-opening' coaching perspective for financial planners especially those seeking to incorporate, or enhance, life planning skills in their practices.  Ed's wit and wisdom work well in his process of giving "appreciative lenses" for co-creating our client's financial plans and their meaningful and purposeful lives.  Thanks Ed for enhancing my tool box and broadening my perspectives - you are truly appreciated."
David Bergmann, CFP(r), EA, CLU, ChFC, Managing Principal,THE David R. Bergmann Group  http://www.WealthAdvisoryGroup.com                                     

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