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2012 Open Mic Audio and Documents

December 13: Appreciative Year-end Review: pdf of the Qs Audio of the process and Qs

September 25: "It's 4th and Goal: Planning Your 4th Qtr Offensive" Audio     4th Qs and Tips (Word doc)

April 12: "How's 2012 Workin' Out For Ya?"  Audio      8 Qs (Word doc) 
January 12: "Your 2012 Aspirations and Perspirations"  Audio  12-step Process

2011 Open Mic Audio and Recaps
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Dec. 13:
   An Appreciative Year-end Review  Questions for year-end review Audio
Nov. 22:
   Powerful Questions Recap  Audio
Oct. 26:
   SusanTurnbull, "Ethical Wills" Audio
Aug 24:
   K. Rehl, "Fin. Plng w. Widows" Recap Audio 
July 20:
   The Essence of Fin. Life Plng Recap Audio   
Apr 20:         Marty Kurtz, FPA President  Audio
Mar 30:         Your 2011 First Quarter Self-Review Recap 
Feb 16:      Michael Kay, "The Biz of Life" Recap Audio
Jan 19:      2nd Anniversary Edition Recap 
2010 Open Mic Recaps:

 2009 Open Mic Recaps:

Articles and Blogs:
"Future of Planning" (FPA Blog)
 Time for Your First Quarter 2010 Self-Review
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 A selection of columns from the This Appreciative Moment© series. Each one also appears, along with specific Practices you can apply, in Ed's book, Appreciative Moments: Stories and Practices for Living and Working Appreciatively.
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