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A skilled and engaging public speaker, Ed offers keynotes, educational presentations, and training workshops on living and working more effectively, with greater satisfaction and meaning, and with more successful outcomes.


Highly-acclaimed for the energy, humor, high involvement, and immediate practicality of his speaking engagements and workshops, Ed is frequently invited back for a "sequel."


Ed's Portfolio of Presentations and Workshops Includes:


Harness the Power of Appreciative Financial Planning for Your Practice and Your Life introduces the appreciative, strengths-based approach which Ed has developed for the profession. Includes experience in conducting appreciative interviews, receiving 25 powerful questions for use throughout the planning process, and building an appreciative, strength-based business.

Reenergize and Renew Your Relationships with High-Impact Client Review Meetings© shows planners, in detail, how to create clients-for-life through hosting powerful client review meetings. Includes specific topics, questions, a detailed interview outline for each of the four phases of the review meeting, and the Life Abundance Portfolio©. Equips planners to reenergize and renew their relationships, beginning with their very next client review!


Positivity Skills for Professionals™ is a “deep dive” into specific practices, tools, and techniques for focusing on positive aspects of clients, colleagues, circumstances, opportunities, your practice… and yourself. Ed integrates Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, and Appreciative Inquiry into five key “positivity skill sets,” including a Possibility Mindset, creating a positive vision for any situation, conducting powerfully positive conversations … and more. This deep dive into the realm of “the positive and the possible” is suitable for professionals of all types and stripes, including advisors and the affiliated professionals who serve them.

How to Show Up at Your Best with Clients, Prospects … and Everyone Else: a Relationship Toolkit  Woody Allen once said that “Eighty percent of life consists of just showing up.” This session shows professionals how to really show up when they show up! Ed has assembled a set of five “power tools” (from among the ten in the “Power Tools for Professionals” topic described above) for professionals who need to make a positive connection, exert influence, and develop effective and mutually-beneficial relationships (in other words, just about all professionals). Through examples, exercises, and conversations, Ed provides real-time experience and understanding and 17 practices for really showing up when you show up.


Positive Legacy Planning presents a focused process for building your client’s long-term legacy. Participants apply the approach by envisioning the “footprints” they seek to leave on the world, and create action strategies to etch their most desired legacy. Ed then shows how to apply this process with clients, with powerful results.


Power Tools for Professionals™: The Essential Toolkit for Great Relationships and High Performance This dynamic session presents the core skills and capabilities (behavioral, cognitive, and emotional) you need for deepening the quality of your relationships, enhancing your productivity and effectiveness, and increasing your well-being and your work/life satisfaction. Ed introduces the tools, guides participants in assessing which ones to stock up on, and provides experiential exercises and conversations to drive home the toolkit’s impact and importance. Power Tools for Professionals™ is truly “basic equipment for success.”


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